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"Lara has been very supportive in improving my gut health, following a recent diagnosis with inflammation of the Oesophagus. My health has improved significantly and my GP prescribed medication has been reduced. Brilliant result! Thank you Lara."

Pauline R


"Lara is absolutely brilliant! We have worked together over the past 4 months on specific health issues of low immunity, digestive problems and the peri-menopause. Her approach is thorough, individualistic, friendly, yet always professional. Lara is very knowledgeable, and was able to answer all my questions to a high level of detail and all aspects of my plan were agreed on a step-by-step basis. I really appreciated the regular check-ins and the gradual progression of change. Working with Lara has completely changed my health, my quality of sleep and energy levels, and a slow but gradual weight loss as a bonus. I would highly recommend Lara and Nutrition for Vitality."

Sally W


"Lara was a dream to work with, after searching for answers on dr google and going to my GP, Lara was the only one who listened, and helped me with the issues I had. From the first point of contact, I knew I would be able to trust Lara with anything and everything. She made me feel at ease and guided me through the process of different types of testing and what would work best for me.

I would totally recommend Lara and the work she does."

Laura B


"I first started working with Lara in 2021 and I am still very much implementing the list and lifestyle changes she recommended. Life is very different and very much better! There were a lot of supplements to start off with but now I'm just on a maintenance protocol, which is not too many at all. I can't recommend Lara enough and in fact as a masseuse and reflexologist I do regularly recommend her to women I see in my clinic. Particularly ones that are struggling with hormone related issues. I find Lara warm, approachable, and extremely knowledgable. If you need to get your life and symptoms turned around I really urge you to reach out and take the help that is available. I'm really sure you won't regret it."

Anoushka M


"5 stars are not enough! So much knowledge and support along with suggestions and ideas to help with tough life changes that I need to make. Approachable, friendly and a pleasure to check in with during treatment. My life has changed immeasurably!"

Jennifer C

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