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'Let food be thy medicine'


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My name is Lara Seago. I am a leading Nutritionist and Health Coach, specialising in helping women over 40 to gain more energy, lose weight, and feel amazing, when nothing else has worked.

I have helped 100's of women, battling perimenopausal symptoms to overcome their health challenges, regain their energy, vitality, and confidence, to feel like themselves again, without impacting on their lifestyles or making them feel deprived.


I have been where you are, where my changing perimenopausal hormones caused mood swings, weight gain, fatigue, and joint pain. All of this caused my confidence to fall to an all-time low. Thankfully a personalised approach to nutrition and lifestyle, using my expert knowledge helped me to feel like 'myself' again. I am now passionate about sharing my strategy to thriving over 40 to help as many women as possible to feel amazing.

I am also passionate about supporting those with a cancer diagnosis, alongside their medical treatment with the right nutrition and lifestyle strategies to help them to remain as healthy and resilient as possible, both mentally and physically.

Nutritional therapist

My team and I offer a range of individualised nutrition and lifestyle programmes to transform you from feeling tired, sluggish, heavy, and achy, to bursting with energy, vitality, and confidence. 

My clients tell me I'm approachable, understanding, supportive, knowledgable, and that working with me has been life changing!

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About Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapists apply the latest hypotheses and research in nutrition and health sciences to you and your symptoms, and they come up with an individualised diet, lifestyle and (sometimes) supplement plan to support you on your journey towards achieving your health goals.

They might bring in some coaching to help you put the ideas into practice in a meaningful way or breakthrough whatever barriers have held you back in the past.

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