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Functional Testing

We offer a comprehensive range of private functional testing to help us identify underlying imbalances driving your suboptimal health.  Although we do also offer routine blood tests available via the NHS, many of the tests we provide are unavailable via the NHS and offer a really detailed analysis.


We use our expertise to advise you during your consultations whether functional testing is right for you and what tests would be most appropriate get to the bottom of your symptoms.

Here are some examples of Functional Testing we offer, along with sample test reports, although this list is not exhaustive so please do make sure you discuss testing with us to identify the best approach for you.

Genova Diagnostics


Adrenocortex Stress Profile – Saliva samples are taken throughout the day to assess your stress hormones and how well your body is managing your stress response.  Stress can have a major impact on our health, so effective stress management is vital.  Acquiring a picture of your stress hormone activity enables us to tailor your Nutrition and lifestyle protocol plan to your own personal needs.



GI Effects -  A comprehensive stool analysis to take a close and detailed look at your digestive health.  Ideal for clients who have been suffering ongoing digestive discomfort and have been unable to identify the root cause, or for those of you who have received a diagnosis of IBS.


Metabolomix Plus Test - An organic acids urine test providing an overview of nutrient requirements, energy metabolism, digestive health, neurotransmitters, toxicity levels and much more…..  If you have a number of health issues that might include fatigue, weight loss resistance, digestive symptoms, mood fluctuations, then this incredibly comprehensive analysis could play a key role in addressing the underlying imbalances that may be contributing to your symptoms



Dutch Test – A urine test providing a detailed analysis of your stress and sex hormones.  Ideal for those suffering from hormone imbalances, or symptoms suggesting hormonal imbalances could be a possibility



Vaginal Ecologix – A comprehensive assessment of vaginal microbiome.  This is key for all women, particularly those trying to conceive



We offer a range of blood test panels through Thriva.  These are skin prick blood tests that can be carried out quickly and efficiently in the comfort of your own home.


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