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Nutri Clean 14 day detox programme

Our liver does an amazing job of cleansing toxins from our body and from the liver itself, but it was not intended to cope with all the additional toxins we are exposed to in modern life, such as car pollution, pesticides and herbicides, excessive alcohol etc. and sometimes benefits from a good cleanse.  At Nutrition for Vitality, we believe a 14-day detox at least annually to be beneficial for clients who are already in reasonably good health.  This detox plan is also a great way to give yourself a head start on a new healthier lifestyle by helping you to get rid of bad habits and appreciate how fantastic you can feel with the right nourishment and when your liver is not having to work so hard at ridding your body of so many toxins. 

this plan is only available through registered nutrition practitioners

If any of these sound familiar, then the 14-day Nutri Clean might be for you:-

Sluggish digestion

Tiredness and over reliance on caffeine to keep going

Inflammation (e.g aching joints)

Disturbed sleep

Blemished skin

Imbalanced hormones

Excessive weight you are perhaps struggling to shift

What's included?

The Nutri Clean pack with a shopping list, recipes and menu suggestions, supplement protocol

All the supplements you need to carry out the 14-day programme 

A toxic exposure questionnaire to assess your progress and differences before and after the programme

A 90-minute initial consultation with a registered Nutritional Therapist to assess your suitability for the programme and talk you through it, explaining in detail what you need to do and when

A further 60 minutes of consultation time over the 2-week period to be taken as you wish e.g. you may like a follow up at the end of the programme or choose to have 2 x 15-minute progress calls to ask any questions you may have and a shorter session at the end.

Email support for the duration of the programme

outcomes from previous clients

Increased energy

Clearer skin

Less pain and inflammation

More balanced hormones

Weight loss

Motivated to stick to a healthier diet and lifestyle

investment  £400

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