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the stress management programme

Unfortunately, stress is a huge issue in the 21st century.  There are many kinds of stresses that may impact negatively on our long-term health and vitality.  Work stress is the obvious one, but personal and financial stresses, poor diet, over training, lack of sleep all cause stress on our body and health.  All these stresses raise our production of stress hormones including cortisol which then has a knock-on impact on our entire hormone system and if left unsupported may even lead to chronic fatigue.

Thankfully there is so much we can do to manage the impact of stress on our health with nutritional therapy and functional medicine so that you may avoid this worst-case scenario.

If any of the following sound familiar, then the stress management programme might be right for you: - 

Frequently succumb to viruses and infections.

Suffer from intolerances and allergies.

Experience PMS or other menstrual issues.

Lack energy for day to day living.

Crave sweet or salty foods.

Rely on caffeine to keep going.

Suffer from stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety.

Frequently wake around 4am.

What's included?

An initial 90-minute consultation where we assess your health, nutrition and lifestyle in depth.

A comprehensive diagnostic adrenal stress test.

GP referral letter for baseline blood tests (if appropriate).

Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plans to support you at home.

Any questions you have based on your nutritional needs.

Medication and nutrient interaction check (if relevant).

Supplement plan.

Recommendations and interpretation of clinical tests.

Two 45-minute follow-up consultations.

Email support.

Recipe suggestions and handouts to support you with your plan.

10% discount on supplements via The Natural Dispensary.

Investment  £327

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